Pennsylvania Grappling Championship, Grappling Tournaments for All Ages

Pennsylvania Grappling Championship - Open Submission Fighting Tournaments for all ages

Absolute Grappling Trials June 8th 2013

Absolute Champion: Chris Dempsey

Runner up: Vince Nance

Team Champions:

First Place: Team Absolute

Second Place: Contact Sports Club

Third Place: Mat Factory



No Gi Division up to 199 division:

First: Kody Tuttle

Second: Tyler Ellis

Third: Jakob Nance


Gi up to 169 Division:

First: John Berguson

Second: Jonathon Romantino

Third: Brandon Lauderback


Light No Gi:

First: James Daniel O'Brian

Second: Travis Burrows

Third: Alex Jerome


Light Gi:

First: Alex Jerome

Second: Travis Burrows

Third: Ryan Graham


Up to 169 No Gi:

First: John Berguson

Second: Ryan Graham

Third: Brandon Lauderback


Up to 179 No-Gi:

First: Brant Errera

Second: Eric McAlpine

Third: Donny Stock


Up to 189 Gi

First: Conor Brinkhoff

Second: Donny Stock

Third: Travis Kalbaugh


Up to 199 Gi:

First: Tyler Ellis

Second:Thad Koelle

Third: Casey Stapleton


Heavy Weight No Gi:

First: Chris Dempsey

Second: William Krall

Third: Adam Wakefield



Heavy Weight Gi:

First: William Krall

Second: Adam Wakefield

Third: Mike Kafka


Women's  Gi:

First: Amanda Fyock

Second: Taralyn Gilkinson



Womens No Gi Advanced:

First: Amanda Fyock

Second: Gina Tallarico


Womens No Gi Beginner:

First: Jamie Moyer

Second: Taralyn Gilkinson


Kids Gi 70-80 pound division:

First: Ryan Williams

Second: Josh Williams

Third: Blake Fillinger


Teen Gi Division:

First: Dylan Sauserman

Second: Zane Wandt

Third: Vince Gatteri


Kids No Gi Heavy:

First: Arron Comley

Second: Vince Gratteri

Third: Blake Fillinger


Kids No Gi LIght:

First: Deacon Warnick

Second: Roland Smith

Third: Trinity Oester



August 18 2012 Submission Fighting II RESULTS


 Gi Division Open Weight

First Place: Mike Kafko


Second Place: Brock Peracchilo

"Cambria Martial Arts Acadamy" 


Beginner Division Under 200

First Place: Teed Wertz

"Team Conquer"

Second Place: Patrick Campion

"Team Genesis MMA"

Third Place: Andrew Hunt

"Team Conquer"


Beginner Division Over 200

First Place: Hercules Benjamin

"Team NKJK"

Second Place: Larry Dean

"Contact Sports Club"

Third Place: Mike Kafka

"Team NTKJ" 


Intermediate Division Under 200:

First Place: Eduardo Rodriguez

"Team Conquer"

Second Place: Tyler Brown

"Backwoods Martial Arts"


Advanced No Gi division:

First Place Fransisco Pacheco

"Clock Work BJJ"

Second Place: Johnny Walylko


Third Place: Justin Filer

"Team Genesis"


Absolute Division:

First Place: Fransico Pacheco

"Clockwork BJJ"

Second Place: Johnny Walylko


Third Place: Andrew Hunt, Brian Danner (Tied for third)

"Team Conquer"